The Stuff of Stars for Kernel

As we watch the corn ripple,
you hold my hand and whisper,
it’s not chaos you know, there’s design
as well as randomness, fractals
that explain snowflakes
as miniature branches
of countless triangles.

We gaze at the shimmying corn,
dazzling in the August sun,
dependent on the August sun
for heat, light, growth,
reflecting our depencency
on the produce of the sun
for growth, for life,
aware there are

men and women observing
the same corn purling,
adament that nature’s design
did not evolve by variation,
random mutation or adaptation,
divine intervention was what was involved,
unaware that

we stand on the shoulders of giants,
who have unearthed the awesome insight
that we too are the stuff of stars,
who will one day return to matter,
that will form new stars,
that will in turn
bedazzle corn.

First published in The Shop Issue 9